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The Emerging Mother Project

Training mothers for the natural birth and postpartum recovery of their dreams.


The Emerging Mother Project

Training mothers for the natural birth and postpartum recovery of their dreams.


Let's be honest...

Our culture has become obsessed with caring for a newborn baby the "right" way (while making a very profitable industry out of it), with little concern for the mother.

But what is the single best way to ensure that the child is cared for?

A healthy, strong, energized, & confident mother.


This isn't a revolutionary idea, but many mothers never get to taste this reality.

For the duration of pregnancy and birth, most women realize their lack of connection to their body. Their reliance on standard OB care re-emphasizes that "experts" tend to know what is best for them (rather than their own intuition or understanding).

While transitioning into postpartum, mothers are "nurtured" by the rising rates of postpartum depression and anxiety, stories of crippling fatigue, and very few resources for keeping her supported (or even excited about having kids in the first place).


That doesn't have to be your story...

Whether you are a first time mother or birthing your fifth child, every birth of a child brings a radical transformation for you.

But here's the catch:

You won't experience the fullest and most positive transformation of motherhood if you don't look for it... or work for it.

The job of being a mother is one of the most demanding occupations you might ever have - starting with pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

But if you commit to taking full ownership of your body, your decisions, your knowledge, your physical training, your mental and emotional health... there will be no greater way to set the trajectory for the rest of your mothering journey.

You are the emerging mother - always working to grow and become the best version of you.

You become an absolute force to be reckoned with. A powerful and present nurturer for your family. A protector of peace. A steady and reliable guide.

We always want what's best for our children and oftentimes, their greatness need is very simple:


Wow, I Need This

Everyone knows that you can't pour out of an empty cup. 

Which is probably why you're so frustrated with...

‚ĚĆ Feeling tired ALL the freaking time. Not just from the daily demands, but also from the lack of support that your body and mind are getting.

‚ĚĆ Struggling to be¬†content with your changing¬†body.¬†

‚ĚĆ Wishing you could be more present and joyful, even in the hard moments.

‚ĚĆ Not having a plan¬†for feeding your family healthy meals (nor having the time for all of that research).

‚ĚĆ The lack of direction in how to exercise for pregnancy and postpartum recovery, especially your core.

‚ĚĆ Worrying about¬†how long it will take to feel like your pre-pregnancy self again.

‚ĚĆ Constantly feeling like you don't have time for yourself (& if you do, you're frustrated with your tendency to fall back on mindless scrolling or "relaxing" in ways that don't serve you).


Sound familiar?

Imagine a life where you...

‚úĘ Have¬†an attuned ear to your body, your mind, and your motherly intuition.

‚úĘ Feel¬†a new connection to your body - you exercise for how it makes you feel, rather than as a punishment or a means to an end.

‚úĘ Regularly experience joy.

‚úĘ Don't fear birth (heck, you might even enjoy it).

‚úʬ†Know how to make informed decisions based upon your research and intuition.

‚úĘ Operate with a regular rhythm of self-care that keeps you feeling fulfilled, content, and grounded.

‚úĘ Have confidence in your ability to cook good quality food for yourself and your family.

‚úĘ Are genuinely content with your changing¬†body, even if you aren't where you want¬†to be yet.

‚úĘ Know how to stay flexible amidst the¬†changes that life brings with each¬†milestone of your growing kiddo.


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The Emerging Mother Project

A Group Coaching Program designed to train mothers for the natural birth and postpartum recovery of their dreams.


Here's How It Works


Hey, I'm Daesha!

After hearing tons of horror stories associated with complicated pregnancies, traumatic births, and overwhelming postpartum periods, I was determined to not let the motherhood transition "ruin" my life. Not only that, but I wanted to THRIVE in this context. 

Since then, I have had three successful home births and sacred postpartum periods - and, if you could believe it, they have only gotten better with time. I became incredibly aware of how crucial it was that I prioritized my own wellness, so that I could give more to myself and my family.

My general love for fitness coaching and strength training suddenly narrowed down to focus in on one of the most underrated powerhouses on this planet - the mama.

After helping dozens of moms improve their physical strength, mental stamina, and sense of confidence, I put all of the most effective and sustainable methods into The Emerging Mother Project for you to take advantage of!

Combining my own experiences with that of numerous certifications and 7 years in the fitness industry, I happily spend my days spurring on mamas just like you, while caring for my own babies at home. 

To say I love my job is a huge understatement. I can think of no greater reward than the generational impact that comes with empowering one mama at a time through intentional, simple, and healthy self-care!

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Ready to Be The Next Success Story?

It's normal to wait until the "right" time, but we all know that the "right" time never shows itself. Let's get you taken care of, mama.