Hi! I’m Daesha


I'm a mother of 3 kids under 4, a pre- and post-natal expert, personal trainer, and doula (and hopefully now, your new mom friend).

After hearing tons of horror stories associated with complicated pregnancies, traumatic births, and overwhelming postpartum periods, I was determined to not let the motherhood transition "ruin" my life. Not only that, but I wanted to THRIVE in this context.

After birthing my first child, I was amazed at the transformation that was "motherhood". Everything about me changed, including the way I approached my mental and physical health.

Three successful home births and beautiful postpartum periods later, I realized that having many kids could feel GOOD on my mind and body - in fact, I could feel like my best self while pregnant, birthing, and postpartum (despite what our culture will have you believe).

It's become my goal to share everything I've learned with you, so that you can feel your best in this season, too. Motherhood has a lot of hard moments, but it doesn't have to be defined by them. Your strength and confidence can set the tone for your home.

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